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Sarah Rowe | Founder + CEO of Lion + Wolf
Sarah - Founder + CEO

Sarah has always been an animal lover and grew up with a small menagerie of animals in her back yard. The majority of her childhood was spent sewing her own clothes or caring for animals, and growing up Sarah wanted to be an artist or a vet; since science wasn’t really her strong suit, she went the art route and obtained a degree in Textile Design from RISD. After juggling a variety of careers, Sarah founded Lion + Wolf in 2015, and is excited to be able to combine her knack for design with her love for animals by creating contemporary and well-designed pet goods. 

Phife Dawg | Lion + Wolf
Phife - Miniature Schnauzer

Phife is a playful and opinionated miniature Schnauzer who loves a good game of fetch or tug. Her alter-egos are “Monster” and “Phi-Phi” - guess who the troublemaker is?! Her favorite treats are ice cubes and kale stalks, but she also has a taste for cardboard boxes and nylon harnesses if there is nothing better around. She would like to note that Schnauzers have been sporting beards long before hipsters made them trendy; she prefers to accessorize hers with leaves and twigs to set herself apart from the crowd.

Toots | Lion + WolfToots - Morkie

Sometimes we wonder if Toots actually a dog - she seems to be a mix of cuddle-bug, human, and cat, and we think she probably has a little bit of Princess in her lineage as well. If she had it her way, she would spend most of her day snuggling on the couch; it's a pretty tempting offer - just look at those eyes! Oh, and her favorite color is pink.

Ziggy Stardust | Lion + Wolf
Ziggy Stardust - Cat

Originally hailing from England, Ziggy and her sister, Tui, made the trip across the pond when Sarah moved back home to the USA. They are adjusting to life in America, but sometimes Phife doesn’t seem to understand their British expressions (like “Bugger off!”). Ziggy’s main thrill in life is a belly rub, and she regularly demands spooning sessions in the wee hours of the morning.

Tui | Lion + Wolf
Tui - Cat

Tui chooses to spend her days napping on wool blankets and chattering at flies. Similar to a famous reindeer, she has a magical color-changing nose that switches from white to pink, depending on her mood. Tui is a petite little thing, but she has a penchant for prosciutto - she races to the kitchen when she hears a pack of it being opened!

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Read our in-depth Size Guide and Product Care for more help choosing the perfect product for your pet!

Pet Bed Dimensions

Due to the squishy nature of pillows, please note that sizes are approximate and may vary slightly.

We HIGHLY recommend measuring your pet prior to ordering to avoid costly return shipping fees.

Dog Collar Dimensions

Collars should be tight enough that they can’t slip off, but loose enough to fit a few fingers in between the neck and the collar.

Using a soft measuring tape, measure around the base of your dog’s neck. For optimal comfort, add roughly two inches to the measurement. You should be able to fit two fingers in between the tape measure and the dog’s neck.

Dog Bandana Dimensions