by Mariah Freire December 12, 2016

Every year we indulge ourselves in the things that make us happy- like making our little friends happy with gifts and toys galore. While planning or not will likely not stop you from spending tons on your best friends, we’ve put together a little gift guide on stocking stuffers the recipient is sure to love (and you will too!). From puppies to kittens, and catnip fortune cookies to interactive balls, your furry companion will love these stocking-stuffer gifts this holiday season.
Lion + Wolf Stocking Stuffers

The Pups

  1. The Odin, Up Dog Toys, $23: Play time melds with meal time with this interactive toy that'll have your pup releasing all that energy while searching for the treats at the same time.
  2. Ginger Snap Holiday Biscuits, Polkadog, $14.95: Boston-based Polkadog's retro-inspired tin can will remind you of your younger years (and honestly, who doesn't love ginger snaps?!).
  3. Reindeer Toy, Harry Barker, from $12: Fido will surely get in the holiday spirit with this squeaky toy made from recycled bottles! What's not to love?
  4. Lumps of Coal, Bocce's Bakery, $9.50: Was someone naughty this year? You can still treat them with these fun peanut butter and molasses treats from NYC.
  5. Bass Pet Grooming Brush, Dogtails $16: Dogs and cats alike tend to love gentle brushing, and this bamboo one is perfect for brushing out any matting.
  6. West Paw Design Zogoflex Air Wox Dog Toy, SitStay, $17.95: Take this one to the park for some fun tug-o-war and engage your pup's mind (and his teeth!).

Lion + Wolf Stocking Stuffers 



The Kitties

    Cain & Able Moisturizing Paw Rub, Amazon $18: Winter can be rough, even for cats. This paw rub will soothe the cracks (no 
    guarantees on crankiness, though).
  2. FroliCat Bolt Interactive Laser, Bed Bath & Beyond, $18: Interactive games bring out a cat's mental ability; engage her with this laser for fun that'll last.
  3. 5S Pet Remote Control Mouse Toy, Amazon, $24.99: Your cat's hunting skills will shine as you move the toy mouse around the house for them to catch.
  4. Ultimate Cat Toy Collection, Natural Pet Company, $29.95: Nevermind worrying about losing small toys - with this collection, you'll have everything you need, even if a few go missing (which, let's be honest, they probably will)!
  5. Catnip Fortune Cookies, Common Goods $24: Ring in the New Year with some words of wisdom... and a little bit of catnip to relax!
  6. DJ Cat Scratching Pad, HealthyPets, $35: Put your kitty's DJ skills to the test! Or at least their claws, which will happily scratch away, even without music.


Mariah Freire
Mariah Freire


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